Led by Gemma Hatton, Fluencial is a small team of engineers who write technical content for the engineering, automotive and motorsport industries.

My time in Formula 1

Throughout my engineering career I found that being able to explain and communicate technical information was essential. 

This was particularly true during my time in Formula 1 as a trackside Tyre Engineer. I was constantly analysing and interpreting information to understand tyre behaviour which I then had to effectively explain to the engineers, drivers and mechanics.

The demand for engaging technical content

This is where I discovered my passion for understanding engineering and then being able to explain this to others. I further developed my writing skills as Deputy Editor at Racecar Engineering Magazine, where I created content for the magazine, website and social media. 

After several years, I learned that there was a real demand for engaging technical content from readers. I also realised that there was often a gap between the engineering and marketing departments. Engineers understand the technology but sometimes don’t have the necessary skills to write marketing content. While marketeers understand communication, but often don’t have the necessary engineering experience.

Helping companies

That’s why I decided to set up Fluencial, to help companies create content that explains the engineering behind their technology in an engaging and promotional way. So far, it’s been a truly rewarding experience, helping companies promote their technologies and services to a wider audience.



Want to know more?

To find out more about Fluencial and the services we offer, please get in touch via the form on our contact page or email/call us directly.


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